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Image Resizer

Image resizer script is done. Allows you to upload a picture on your PC and change the size, and either view it or save it back to your PC. Check it out by clicking here.

The stilts

I want to start a movement, a movement in space and time. I want the world to stop and listen... to all things, to everything. And when we sing, I want the world to listen.

I want the resonance of my emotions and feelings to separate the atoms that hold this realm together and create an entire paradigm shift.

I want to revert back to the days of enlightenment, to a time where we are not consumed by the wealth that money brings but by the evolution of the self...

Cat Adoption Special

Lago Vista Paws, where we got our cats is having a special for the month of June. June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month there and they have tons of great cats that all need a good home. Check out their site and stop by during their visiting hours and find a new loving member of your family.

One adult cat -- $30
Two adult cats -- $40
(adult = 6 months or older)

Check out the flier for more information by clicking the link. Download file

Pet Food Safety - Help pass legislation

DefendOurPets.org is a group comprised primarily of people who have either lost their pets or have pets seriously ill due to the recent pet food contamination. They do not solicit or accept donations. They are not selling anything. They simply need your help, and the help of every caring pet owner in our efforts to secure the health and safety of our pets from abuses in pet food manufacture, importation, labeling, and inspection. They are currently involved in an online petition for Congress, Pet Food Protest Day, and support for a strengthened Senate Bill 1274, which is now before a Senate Committee.

You can find out the details at their site, www.defendourpets.org. I encourage everyone to check it out and sign the petition to let congress and the pet food manufacturers know what they have done is not acceptable and the whole process needs to be changed.

New WML Pages

I have decided to make my pages more friendly for wireless devices (i.e. cell phones, blackberry's, etc.). The index page is up and more are to come, so it is a chance for me to learn WML. I have realized it is a lot like HTML, except with strct guidlines on how to use tags, similar to XML. The other thing I realize is most new cell phones these days all have built in HTML to WML converters in them. Meaning when you go to a web page built in HTML the phone will automatically display it, no need to create a WML page. However it is good form and proper accessibility standards to support legacy devices and browsers that are not able to perform this conversion. Plus it is a cheap way for me to learn WML. Next task to learn how to convert jpegs and gifs to wbmps. I'm going to attempt to build my site so all (meaning ones I really need) of my images to display on these wireless devices.

Cheney and gay marriage

I watch the Daily Show pretty regularly. Recently they showed the interview Wolf Blitzer had with the Vice President. Blitzer asked Cheney for his thoughts and feedback on the fact that his daughter is gay, having a baby, and he is part of an administration that is trying to outlaw gay marriage. Cheney just stared at Blitzer giving dirty looks and stating the question was inappropriate.

I think it is completely appropriate and legitimate question. This Neanderthal of a Vice President we have practically wants to put people in concentration camps if they don't believe or follow the same thought process as he does. It is a logical question that deserves, rather demands an answer. How can he be opposed to gay marriage, denying someone’s right just because they have a different sexual orientation than yourself. Just another example of this administration showing they will only talk about the things they want, and that they care very little what the general American public thinks. These have been some of the worst years in American history with the two knuckleheads we have in charge. Just further reason for everyone to vote against the Republicans for years to come.

I also found it amusing that Cheney’s daughter wanted the press and public to stay out of her personal life. A reasonable request, except for the fact she had recently been promoting a book she wrote and didn't seem to mind the press and public talking to her then. That's obviously a Cheney trait. I also don't understand how she can support him knowing he completely opposes everything she stands for. It just doesn't make any sense. Maybe she is a robot or perhaps even brainwashed.

Privacy Policy

I decided to create a privacy policy for my website. No real reason other than I felt like it.

I found an interesting paper on the use of machine readable privacy policies to compare the privacy preferences by the user/client machine to that of the host/server. The writer argues that since users are forced to read privacy policies they may not know the intentions of the site. Basically he is saying people are lazy and will not read them. They are also generally written by ambulance chasers, or more politically correct lawyers, in terms and language most people do not understand.

It is really an interesting paper that I am still reading through. Plus it was for the University of Saskatchewan, so it has to be dynomittte!!! Go Roughriders!! My favorite line thus far is that "There are now thousands of commercial websites for purchasing goods and services...". I realize this was written in 2004, but even then there had to be millions of websites that allow the purchase of goods and services. I would think porn alone would be thousands of sites.

Updates are complete

After screwing around and eventually screwing up my MySQL database I have fixed my blog and all is back in harmony. The birds can sing, trees can grow, and people can rejoice yet again. I did learn a valuable lesson in the whole process though, the importance of creating usable backups.

It was a learning experience similar to that of a child who sticks a metal object in an electrical outlet a first time. It was both painful and shocking at the same time. I can honestly say at this point that I will never put anything in an electrical outlet besides a properly functioning electrical cord, and will create daily backups of databases and files.


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