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PC Installation with ISP Setup and Data Migration-

Installer will confirm schedule with Customer day prior to arrival to ensure that Customer is available for the installation and all components and peripherlas are on-site. On-site Activities/Service Steps, Basic System Set up. Move procured hardware to the immediate area of installation. Setup and connect keyboard, one monitor (includes flat panel and LCD televisions), and mouse, including modem phone cable/Ethernet cable (if applicable) to desktop or notebook. If necessary, de-install old PC.

Data Migration. Transfer settings and up to 2 gigabytes of data from the customers old PC to the new System using an automated data transfer tool. All data transfer will be done via a USB port or NIC. Data transfer via parallel cable is not reccommended. Upon completion of transfer, installer will re-boot new PC.

Internet Service Provider Connection. Connect phone line/Ethernet cable from System modem to wall outlet/broadband modem. Service includes connecting to existing broadband or existing/new dial-up account. Broadband connectivity needs to be established prior to technician arrival for internet set-up to be completed.Choose the appropriate ISP as outlined and instructed by the Customer. Complete any OS configurations required to activate Internet connectivity. Allow the Customer to input credit card (if applicable) and login information when prompted by the ISP. Verify Internet connection is operating properly.Setup and activate two email accounts. Verify email account is operating properly.

External Device Connection. External device connection will include up to three (3) devices. Unpack external device(s). Connect external device to appropriate port on System. Load appropriate Customer Supplied device drivers. Installation of external devices includes the setup, connection to the appropriate port, test and checkout with Customer supplied application software and drivers.

Customer Orientation. Installer will provide up to thirty (30) minutes customer orientation/training to include: Location of major system components: On/Off switch Reset button, Floppy/hard drive identification and operation, Monitor controls, Basic keyboard layout, Mouse controls, Ports in back of system (parallel, serial, USB, video, mouse, etc.), Chassis screws location. For notebooks: Demonstration of how to swap modules out of the bay. How to connect a drive externally. Orientation of desktop components: Basic navigation around desktop, including desktop icon tour. Opening and closing windows. Starting application from Start Menu - XP tour. Shutting down and restarting System. Internet and email orientation:ISP sign-in Opening and operation of Internet browser. Demonstration of how to use email (send message, attach file, receive message). Provider will demonstrate location of folders on new PC and if printer is available will print out migration location report. Installer will obtain Customer satisfaction sign-off on the work order and Customer Acceptance Form.

Application Loading. The Installer will not transfer applications, however the Installer will install up to two (2) customer provided and legally owned applications. The customer will need to have original floppy disk or CD.

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