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Home Wireless Install -

Installer will confirm schedule with Customer the day prior to arrival to ensure that Customer is available for the installation and all components and peripherals are on-site. Move procured hardware to the immediate area of installation. Verify the receipt and condition of all required client-procured hardware. Verify the availability of Customer-provided physical site and power. Verify existence of broadband Internet connection and proper operation. Obtain from Customer all necessary ISP settings. Confirm availability of customer-supplied password information-including, but not limited to, system and ISP passwords-required to perform the installation. Install or verify installation of Ethernet hardware, drivers, and protocols on computer that will connect to the router/AP through wired Ethernet connection. Power down computer and broadband modems. Make physical connections of AP, USB adaptor and/or PCMCIA card per placement. Make physical connection of wired client system to Access Point. Power -up all components. Load client-supplied and Customer-supplied hardware drivers. Load software/drivers for PCMCIA card(s), USB WLAN adaptors(s), Mini PCI card(s), and wireless compact flash card(s).

Configure Access Point and set security: If applicable, enable use of world wide web for client systems networked on the System. Enable print share and file share on two computers. This service activity includes the configuring for print sharing and file sharing enablement for two computers. File sharing will enable sharing of the My Documents folder between two computers. Provider will provide a maximum twenty (20) minute time allotment, per installation, to perform additional installation related services or answer additional installation questions, if requested to do so by the Customer, and completed by the end of the scheduled visit. Maximum twenty (20) minute basic Customer orientation to include: Location of major system/peripheral components: On/Off switch Reset button Ports in back of broadband router. Orientation of Home Wireless Installation: Describe hardware functionality. Network login, only if applicable. Sharing files between client systems, only if applicable. Demonstrate how to enable client-standard WEP/WPA security key and appropriate documentation procedures. Direct Customer to troubleshooting documentation (e-doc). Obtain customer satisfaction signoff on completed work order and customer acceptance form.

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