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This is Calhoun, the first cat that I ever met. He was a very friendly and loveable cat. We grew up at the same time and was a big part of my childhood. I grew up in a neighborhood that had very few, if any other children. Calhoun quickly became one of my only playmates and my best friend. I remember the day I almost had to give him up because my mother and I were not allowed to have pets in our condo. I was so devastated that he didn't have a home, that I just broke down. My father like the man he is took him in because he saw how much I cared for Calhoun. He lived peacefully until he passed away. He has been gone for a while, but will always hold a place in my heart. Below is a couple of lines I wrote on the back of this picture when I was little, shortly after he passed away:

"To Calhoun,
The best cat in the world! I love you always,

Whether thats sad (either emotionally or the fact I felt that strongly about my cat), or touching is your opinion. Just wanted him to have a place on my website.