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When deciding who my barber will be:
"I will cut my own hair." "That's fine, if you want to end up looking like a ewok."


While out at an Austin bar I overheard a gentleman comment: "I'm not drunk, I'm from Texas!"


Great pick-up line I actually heard a guy say:
"I have a job and haven't slept with your sister, what do you have to lose?"

"Today is a glorious day, all of humanity will kneel before us!" Kill Zone


What many people who have the unfortunate pleasure of working with me:
"That guy is about as useful as a sharpe stick in the eye"


When asking Bob how he is feeling:
"I'm able to sit up and take in nurishment."


Mostly when I am about to make a useless purchase:
"I need that like I need a shotgun blast to the side."


"Shall we import lard or steel? Let me tell you, preparedness makes us powerful. Butter merely makes us fat." The Prodigy


"Yo, you into prostetics?" Deltron 3030


"Crisis precipitates change, a world governing body will be required to restore order." Deltron 3030


"Rivers of blood will never bring peace, but they will bring obediance." Scorpion King


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." Voltaire


"And I live with no justice. And I live with my greed in me. Oh I live with no mercy. And I live with my frenzy feeding. I live with my hatred .And I live with my jealousy. Oh I live with the notion that I dont need anyone but me" DMB

More to come when I have more time to dedicate to this.