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The following are some scripts and games I have made as I am always trying to learn new tricks and technologies. My latest project involves PHP and MySQL.

The Word Game. It is a very simple concept. You pick the number of random words you want displayed, then you make a sentence out of them. This is still under construction. It will pull the words, but I have to finish the flash portion so you can move the words around and actually make a sentence.

UB Slot Machine. A slot machine that uses images from my alma mater. Created in Visual Basic, pretty simple, but something I was proud of since it was my first attempt with the program. Just click on the link and when a box pops up hit "run". You will have to hit "run" for the second pop up as well.

Image Resizer. A script that lets you resize the images on your PC to any size that you want. Can be any format of image, they all work and it allows you to save or view the image.

Coming soon: flash action game, I'm going to tackle actionscript, an RSS feed for my blog, and whatever else pops in my head. I setup an XML file so people can read my views on recent news, and subscribe to my RSS feed..

Upcoming Projects:

Finish actionscript for flash front end of word game

Site Hit tracker that maps user IP address to a geogrpahic location visually on a map. Using PHP (or JSP?) and Google Earth (or Mappoint?).