The map above is our office. This is where all the madness is housed.



Kid Camelot: art director and graphics extraordinaire

The Blonde Bomber: office manager and "prop guy". The first annual award recipient for best looking and best dressed on the team.

Pauly Bacalante: hardware/server support


Foxy Roxy Jones: content manager and legal advisor


Lazy Larry Jones: system administrator


Birddog Johnson "scout": programmer/coder


Rick Ratsfield: IT security


The Lunacats: mentors (check out their site)


Robert Strangebrew: procurement director and public liason

Curly Howard: advisor


Chuck Dipasqualli: building security, union man (AKA "a made man"), and hired muscle


Now you might be asking yourself, are these different people, or have you just dipped your foot into the madness of my head? You may also be asking, does he really know these people, or is he just putting random pictures on? The final question you may ask, is why the hell did I click on this link? The answer to your questions is that we/I/they have no comment.